Chefchaouen, The Blue City

Chefchaouen pronounced as /ʃəfˈʃɑˑwən/ ~ shefshawen is a blue city located in Morocco, Africa. It is called as The Blue City due to its all blue-painted houses, doors, even the road and stairs. At first, I got a glimpse of Santorini, lol, since the arrangement of the building looks alike.

It is said that the blue colour has something to do with the Jewish history and Spanish refugee. This city is surrounded by mountain so that the weather is quite nice! I went there in winter yet it’s not too cold (compared to UK). The thing that makes me really happy is the foods and drinks here are really cheap! I can have a glass of FRESH orange juice which is squeezed right in front of my eyes and I can tell for sure there is no sugar added in to my juice! Can’t get enough of it!

This place is good for photography. It is a unique all-blue place. An old city with its history. Good view from the top of the hill. Just be careful, better find someone who knows this place well to accompany you. This place is like a maze, lol, and not all of the people here speak English. It will be really helpful if you can speak Arabic or French 🙂

Ah, one more thing, Indonesian passport holders don’t need any visa to enter Morocco which is NICE! 🙂


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